King Klar - The Remixes

Taking from a wide variety of sources, Klar spent nearly two months working in the Hi-Static Sound Laboratory curating vocal tracks, obscure samples, and lost beats for this album. With the aim of taking the tracks in a completely different direction than the originals, Klar focused on displaying alternate flow and delivery styles with the vocal mixing as well as emphasizing mood and emotion with his beats. He stated "I changed up the flow styles so that I didn't have to use the OG producers a crutch...I approached each song as if I had never heard it before and built around the most intriguing flow style the vocals had to offer"

Willy Briggs - Beat Archive Vol. 2

The second release in the 'Hi-Static Beat Archive' series comes once again from Willy Briggs. Marking a brief departure from the dark, dust laden sounds of Volume One, Volume Two is a sun soaked, soul filled, spliff smoking escape from the frigid climate in which the Sound Laboratory is located. Using a variety of different genres and styles when it comes to source material, Briggs' presents a more eclectic almost playful collection of beats with this project.

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Willy Briggs - Beat Archive Vol. 1

Described as a the first peek inside the mind of reclusive producer Willy Briggs, this frantic yet tasteful journey through various musical thoughts, ideas and scenarios is a good sign of things to come. The first release in the 'Hi-Static Beat Archive' series (an on going beat tape collection which will feature all of our resident producers) is Briggs' first solo release. Taking us over 3 months to pry from William's hands, the project does not disappoint.

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