Play this on your nightly commute. Camm Casanova beat tape. Free download. 

15 Beats

15 Minutes  


New batch of instrumentals from Willy Briggs. Blistering hot joints to put more of that smoke in the air to. Enjoy the heat.                                                                                  

21 Beats

27:09 Run Time

Warm soulful grooves throughout, bangers and slow joints...Just in time for winter. Something to put some smoke in the air to.

22 Tracks 

31:51 Run Time

Bogues recommends listening from start to finish with a coffee and a spliff. 

7 Tracks 

15:44 Run Time

Sun soaked, soul filled, spliff smoking escape from the frigid climate in which the Sound Laboratory is located.

22 Tracks

29:05 Run Time


Taking us over 3 months to pry from William's hands, the project does not disappoint.

21 Tracks

21:06 Runtime